The Winning Strategies Seminar
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Thousands of pastors and church leaders in over 30 countries found it to be a road map in developing a true global outreach. It will lead the church to be fully engaged and experience the joy of playing an intentional role in what God is doing in the world: Building HIS Church.


Winning Strategies Seminar

The goal is a Maximum Involvement of Your Church Members in making the Good News available to everyone, everywhere.


MANDATE OF THE WORD – Key Thought: The entire Bible shows God’s heart for the world.

EVIDENCE IN THE WORLD – Key Thought: While all people need the Gospel, the Gospel is not available to all people.

THE PURPOSE OF THE CHURCH – Key Thought: Don’t substitute the purpose with activities.

PERSONALIZATION – Key Thought: Personalization vs. Institutionalization. Strategy vs. Tradition. I vs. They.

WORLD FOCUS EVENT – Key Thought: Ongoing world awareness.

CROSS-CULTURAL OUTREACH – Key Thought: Experience cross-cultural communication of the Gospel.

FINANCIAL INVOLVEMENT – Key Thought: Every person sharing world evangelization through giving.

PRAYER PARTICIPATION – Key Thought: Prayer is the key to moving forward.

WORLD OUTREACH TEAM – Key Thought: Pastor is the co-trainer/coach of the team.

No church is too   small... no church is too   big.