What Others Say

“I am happy to recommend to you the ministry of World Thrust International. We have always received missionaries. Now we want to send them. There were 140 personal commitments to become involved at the end of our first World Missions Conference. The equivalent of 20% of our budget was raised in Faith Commitments for world missions. We are overjoyed.”
Samuel A. Olsen, Pastor Caracas, Venezuela

“It is my prayer that more and more churches will be touched by God to be actively involved in mission work. We want to thank God for the effective ministry of World Thrust and Rev. Bill Boerop.”
Fong Chan, Professor, Singapore Bible College

“The principles taught at the World Thrust seminar work! When we implemented them at our church, it produced a new spirit of faith and commitment. Lives and resources have become available and we are reaching out to the unreached around the world as never before. The joy and blessings that have come as a result of our obedience to the Great Commission are hard to contain.”
Dr. Charles F. Stanley, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia USA; Founder/President In Touch Ministries

“Outstanding! I’ve gotten the fire for world evangelization again. I came looking for new and more creative ways to approach our church’s missions program. My objective was accomplished in a far greater way than I ever anticipated. Thanks for a ministry changing experience.”
Dr. Shelton P. Sanford, III, Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church Rock Hill, South Carolina

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