The Willing Heart

The Lord is looking for individuals and church congregations that share His heart for the world.  The size of the congregation doesn’t matter, only the willingness of their hearts, or as someone has said “It’s not the seating capacity of a church that matters, it’s the sending capacity!”


A perfect example of this principle is Eden Church, a small congregation in the South African town of Bronkhorstspruit, which is also home to the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern hemisphere!  The pastor of this church had been a businessman known for his hard-core racism before he came to the Lord.  His radical transformation has similarities to the life of the apostle Paul.  Sometime after he became a pastor, he attended one of the World Thrust International Winning Strategies Seminars given in South Africa.  He was really sold on the principles taught in the seminar, especially faith promise giving.


Faith promise giving was implemented and enthusiastically embraced by his congregation with astonishing results.  Although this church has less than 100 members and over time obtained it’s own facilities, it was able to raise the equivalent of $180,000 in a year’s time for global outreach.


With a heart for the world implemented through faith promise giving, this church has planted 27 other churches, mainly in black townships.  This pastor serves as a mentor for pastors of these churches.  One of these planted churches is already a mission-sending church in its own right. Truly, the Lord is able to accomplish incredible results if we are only willing to be used by Him.


September 30th, 2014
This post was written by Dr. Bill Boerop

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