Understanding Biblical Stewardship

World Thrust International has relied on our Heavenly Father to provide the necessary funding from the day it was founded. He has used individual believers and churches to meet our needs. Our understanding is all we have belongs to the Lord to be used for His Glory.

Giving in support of His church and ministries, beyond the local church, four principles are a must:

1. Tithe: Tithing is the base of our stewardship. As we grow in our walk with the Lord we learn to give more than that. It is an integral part of our worship

2. Prayer: Pray much about where and what to give to. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide and direct you. He will burden you for certain ministries in certain areas. Keep in mind the fact: while all people need the gospel, the gospel is not available to all people.

3. Strategy: If the World Thrust International ministry speaks to your heart, we welcome your prayer and financial support. Your support will produce exponential growth in reaching the lost for Christ as we multiply the number of churches becoming sending bases.

4. Faithfulness: Once you have peace about your financial commitment, ask the Lord to keep you faithful. Stay informed about the work you support. But there are many effective ministries, so don’t give to World Thrust International the funds you have already committed elsewhere.

If God has burdened you to give to World Thrust International, here are ways that you can give:

World Thrust International is a 501 ( c ) 3 corporation, contributions are tax deductible

No church is too   small... no church is too   big.