First Hand Accounts of God Building His Church Around the World

The purpose of the Inspiring Stories page is to encourage you.  It is a reminder that God is building His church.  Not only that, but you, as a pastor and church leader, can have your congregation be part of the process.  You see, every story has churches and individual Christians who made it possible by prayer, giving and going!


It is often said that the main thing the Lord is looking for in His children is someone who is willing to do His will, who is available for His purposes, not necessarily someone with a particular skill in this or that.  The point is that God can use anyone for anything; He will supply what is needed.  Often Christians are resistant to going on the mission field because they feel inadequate or ill-equipped for such a task.  Yet, the Lord can take a seemingly small act of faith and accomplish tremendous things with it.


Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the story of how a man who is considered to be one of the all-time great missionaries became a Christian in the first place.


As a young man, Hudson Taylor struggled hard to do what he thought God required of him in order to be considered a good person, yet he suffered constant failure and defeat.  He finally gave up and stopped trying.


What got a man from total defeat to founding a ministry that is still producing fruit today?  A simple Gospel tract.  Hudson Taylor came across a simple Christian tract that said that Christ accomplished all that is needed for our salvation through His work on the cross.  The tract said that salvation was not a matter of trying harder, but of believing in Jesus for the gift of eternal life.  Hudson Taylor believed what that tract said and he was saved.  He later founded the China Inland Mission (now the Overseas Missionary Fellowship), which the Lord has used to bring thousands to Himself.


We don’t know the name of the person who made that tract available to Hudson Taylor (the Lord does!), but it may have seemed to that person that it was a small, almost insignificant act.  Yet, the Lord multiplied that act in ways no one could have dreamed!


The point?  God is looking for willing servants that share His heart for the world.  He is able to take even the smallest step of faith and produce a significant impact on the whole world.


If God can do this from a simple tract, think what He can do when an entire Church shares His heart for missions.  All He asked is that we be willing, that we be available.




This story has the following sources:

Roger Steer, J. Hudson Taylor: A Man in Christ (Wheaton, Ill.: H. Shaw Publishers, 1993), 1-8; for a full personal account of Taylor’s conversion, see Howard Taylor, Hudson Taylor in Early Years: The Growth of a Soul (London: China Inland Mission, 1927), 66-67. Part of this story also appeared in the Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society, Autumn 1994 — Volume 7:13 in a story entitled God Uses Tracts by Perry C. Brown.



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