Producing New Resources of Prayer, Personnel and Finances

One local church (with a Sunday morning attendance of 900) impacted by the Winning Strategies Seminar saw the first year:




311 Personal commitments to pray for missionaries and the task of World Evangelization







250 Life commitments to be available to go to the uttermost parts of the world should God lead them to go.





An increase of $200,000 in their annual financial commitment to support missionaries and projects to reach unreached people groups.




Growing Impact


Once the pastor and church leaders have made a commitment to the task of world evangelization as a result of the World Thrust International seminar, the seed has been planted. As the principles learned at the seminar are put into practice it starts to bear fruit. Year after year the involvement in reaching the unreached people groups continue to deepen. This is expressed by greater participation in prayer for the world, availability for overseas service and financial support.




Lasting Impact


Lasting Impact 1 (graph)Covering a twelve year period, a survey of churches impacted by the World Thrust South Africa ministry, shows inspiring change. As a result of leadership training through the Winning Strategies Seminar, scores of local churches have changed. Instead of just focusing on their immediate surroundings, they now have their “arms around the entire world.”

The number of missionaries supported by the changed local churches has increased from 45 before WTI involvement to 225, reflecting a growth of 500%.

Lasting Impact 2 (graph)

Focused Prayer for the world, missionaries, national Christian leaders, evangelism and church planting in heretofore-unreached areas of the world has increased 80%.

Financial involvement in the task of making the Gospel available there where it is not, went up from 37,254 RAND prior to WTI training to 258,103 RAND. An increase of over 600%.

Lasting Impact 3 (graph)

To God be the Glory! The principles WTI has been teaching do change local churches They are transformed from being “Jerusalem” churches to “World Churches.” As a result, more prayer, manpower and resources have become available to reach those who have never heard the Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ.

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