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Last year, Bill Boerop, President of World Thrust International, was challenged by the Lord to undertake a construction project in South Africa.  A building in Benoni, a suburb of Johannesburg, houses the headquarters of World Thrust Africa, as well as an International Church attended by believers from seven different African nations.  The goal was to convert the balcony of this building into a conference room that could be used for training pastors and church leaders.

Plans were made, a budget was established, and a teaof six men from three different churches was assembled.  Donations began to come in, including a large contribution from one couple.  However, as the day set for departure approached, the funds received were still thousands short of the amount needed.

For several reasons, including funding, it was decided to postpone the project and a new date (end of March 2014) was set.  As the weeks passed, more donations were received but the amount was still short of the goal.

Then, as He often does, the Lord met the funding need in an unexpected way.  At the time the construction team was departing, the exchange rate of the South African Rand against the U.S. dollar was at its most favorable in many years: ten-to-one.  Thus, the contributions in U.S. dollars were able to buy more supplies and equipment than would have been the case at another time!

In short, the team went in March 2014 to South Africa and accomplished the goal of creating a valuable space for leadership training.  It should also be mentioned that our brothers and sisters in Christ in South Africa also contributed funding and much “sweat equity” to this project.

Even as the Lord Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes, the Lord multiplied the purchasing power of the funds contributed.  The Lord is indeed building His Church around the world.  He is more than able to provide what is needed to do His will.  All He asks is that we be willing.  He invites us to participate and share His heart for the world whether by praying, giving/sending or going.


June 10th, 2014
This post was written by Dr. Bill Boerop

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