A Car Full of Bibles

From a human point of view, many areas of the world seem impossible to reach with the Gospel.  With hostile governments, corrupt officials and ordinary citizens ready to turn in anyone engaging in Christian activity or evangelization, many would say the Church should seek “softer” targets for evangelization.  Yet, as the following story shows, the Lord has His people everywhere, even in the most hostile environments.


In a country in Africa, a man in the army was checking his radio one night to find his favorite program.  For “some reason” he couldn’t find it but found, instead, a program that immediately sparked his interest. This was a Christian station and he began to listen to it regularly.  It talked about the Bible and the truth about Jesus Christ.  The man developed a desire to find a Bible, but in his country he didn’t know where he could find one.


One day, his commanding officer wanted him to do something illegal and the man refused to do it.  As punishment, the officer sent him on a trip into the desert to do something.  As he was driving, he noticed a car stopped by the side of the road and two women standing beside it.  He stopped to help and got the car running again.


In the process, he noticed one of the ladies was wearing a cross on a chain around her neck.  With some hesitation, he asked her if she knew where he could find a Bible.  The lady was cautious, not sure what the motive of this army officer was, who could turn her in to the authorities.  Finally convinced of his sincerity she reached under the seat of her car, got a Bible and gave it to him.  In fact, the car was full of Bibles that the women were taking around the country to give to believers.


The man began reading the Bible and became convinced that Jesus was the Son of God and accepted Him as his Savior.


Later, the authorities discovered that the man was a Christian.  They captured his 16-year old daughter and left a note saying that if he ever wanted to see his daughter again he must renounce his faith and become an anti-Christian informant.


Sometimes the cost of discipleship is high.  We leave the story here not knowing the outcome.  But we do know that just as the Lord was able to reach this man in a country completely closed to the Gospel, he is able to protect this man and his daughter, if that is His will.


Nothing is too hard for the Lord.  He is able to reach the most remote, the most hostile of places with the Gospel.  All he asks is for some to go and some to send.  Any church, however big or small, can support two women with a car full of Bibles.  All that is needed is willingness and a focus on the purpose of the Church: to fulfill the great commission.


(Excerpted and adapted from One Challenge, a publication of OC International Ministries, September, 2013)

July 15th, 2014
This post was written by Dr. Bill Boerop

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